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Avila Massage Chair Vinyl & Color
The New Avila II! The world's most advanced massage chair just got better. Earthlite's Avila ll is the world's most advanced massage chair. It is infinitely adjustable, ergonomically designed and ultra compact. The ultimate in chair massage comfort. The Avila II's unique design features its new dual-layer cushioning sysrwm with more armrest room and a one-of-a-kind 50% wider, plusher "smart seat" that automatically locks in place and fits everyone. Its three quick-release levers allow infinite adjustability, creating complete comfort and perfect fit for your client. Set up is incredibly quick, and adjustments are easy even with your client inthe chair. A convenient essential oil well makes aromatherapy a part of the massage, and a handy detachable pouch (for storing jewelry, watches, etc.) puts your client at east. Top this with the Avila's durable aerospace carbon fiber frame with Earthlite's Lifetime Warranty, and you can see how the Avila II earns the title of the world's most advanced massage chair. Now is an excellent time to order the best massage chair out there that weighs only 22 lbs! Earthlite's Avila II package includes: carrycase with wheels, sternum pad, instructional video, and disposable face cradle covers. All upholstery colors will usually ship within 9 Business Days. Avila II will be shipped directly to you from Earthlite's factory in Vista, California and carry all factory warranties. New "Soft Support" Dual layer cushioning system for unmatched comfort on seat, arm support and leg pads. Re-engineered and increased for optimized weight distribution and comfort.

Massage Gear Store
Emerald City Reiki Center emcityctr.com Massage Gear Store offers premium massage and reiki tables and equipment. Our top of the line products include portable massage tables, reiki massage tables, electric and hydraulic lift massage tables, spa, salon and resort massage tables including manicure and pedicure chairs. All of our products are designed to improve the efficiency of your massage, reiki, medical, acupuncture, chiropractic or other health care practice.Our massage tables are available in a wide array of earth-friendly vinyl colors with ecologically- resourced wood or lightweight steel frames. Emerald City Reiki Center emcityctr.com sells all of the top massage table manufacturers including Earththlite, Living Earth Crafts, Pisces Productions, Stronglite and Inner-Strength. Emerald City Reiki Center emcityctr.com   offers cash, hospital, government, professional, school and student discounts on all our massage products.  Call us at or
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